Sophie (vgrbabe) wrote in the_enterprise,

Last night my fiance and I had the privelage of meeting Robert Picardo. We went to see him in a musical in Philly. After the show we were told that he wouldn't be comming out to sign autographs so before heading home we went to the bathroom. As we were comming out I overheard the usher telling a group of women "He'll be right out" Trying to make it sound as if I wasn't we walked up to the group and causualy asked if they knew if any of the actors were comming out to sign autographs. She said "I don't know, I'm just waiting for my friend Robert Picardo" After we both had mild heart attacks we asked if they wouldn't mind if we waited with them saying that we were both trekkies and would love to meet him. Finaly he came out. He realy is a nice guy. After chatting with his friends for a minute he noticed us there and we said that we were big fans of his and just wanted to meet him. I did slip in "You look different without the emmiter on". As he was about to go off to talk to his old drama teacher I remembered that I had my copy of the Hologram Handbook with me and asked if he would mind signing it. Well, even though he wasn't going to be comming out to sign any autographs he happily signed mine

We also promised him that we would tell everybody we knew to come see the show so if you're in the area it's playing in the Prince Music Center in Philly until the 31. You realy should see it. I don't know if he'll be comming out to sign autographs but its still a good funny show.

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