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Save Enterprise! (x-posted)

Yesterday, something horrible happened. UPN announced that Star Trek: Enterprise would end its run after this, the fourth season. That's right, they cancelled it!

I can't tell you how upset I was to hear this news. Enterprise has been a constant joy for me to look forward to every week this year. This has been their best season so far and it has been amazing! The new writers have taken the show in the direction it should have gone from the very beginning. Even viewers who hated Enterprise at first have been in love with it this season.

I think it was a mistake by UPN to cancel it at this time. I'm not alone. Some people might recall that the original series was axed by NBC in the sixties but it was resurrected by a massive fan letter-writing campaign. The same thing can work for Enterprise.

Save Enterprise is a site dedicated to bringing the show back. They have all the most current information on who to write to and they are the most well-organized campaigners. Please visit the site and write a letter.

MSNBC is currently running a poll which deals with how viewers feel about the loss of Enterprise. You can bet UPN is keeping an eye on it. So please go vote!

And spread the word!

If you don't have the time to write a letter of your own, here's one you can copy and print. Just address it to Mr. Leslie Moonves

Mr. Leslie Moonves
Co-President, Co-Chief Operating Officer
CBS Broadcasting Inc.
51 West 52nd Street
New York, NY 10019 U.S.A.

Dear Mr. Moonves,
I’m writing about what I regard to be the poor decision to cancel Star Trek: Enterprise. I am aware that Enterprise has not had the same following as its precursors, however, this season, the new writing team has done a phenomenal job of correcting that problem. I know many Star Trek fans who have begun to watch Enterprise faithfully, only this season.

This series has every chance now to do even better than some of the other Star Trek series. Cancelling this series now will only serve to alienate many of your viewers. Instead, Enterprise should be granted at least a further fifth season to prove itself. Syndicating the series would also improve its ratings.

Star Trek has changed the lives of so many people, mine included. Enterprise continues to push the envelope for a one-hour drama. I believe you can only benefit from allowing it to have another season.

Thank you for your time in this matter and I hope to see many more years of Star Trek Enterprise on television. I know that one of the main web sites trying to help the show is the "Save Enterprise" Group and they currently have over 50,000 members in their network.

(your name, address)

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