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Don't Let Me Stop You - Anti-Spock/Uhura, Uhura/Scotty, Spock/Kirk

Don't Let Me Stop You

Song is from Spock's POV.

Spock and Uhura are a couple, but lately Spock has been noticing some curious behavior on Uhura's part when aroung Scotty (this is the black/white scenes). Spock confronts Uhura about this and basically tells her that is she doesn't want to be with him, she shouldn't be (most of the video). He'll be alright because he's got Jim to lean on (purple/green scenes). At the end of the video, Spock tells Uhura that he's making up her mind for her since she can't seem to do so and...well, you'll see.

- Black/White scenes = past happenings
- Purple/Green scenes = what Spock hopes for the future

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Disclaimer: I only own the video. I do NOT own the characters or anything!

Song Credit: "Don't Let Me Stop You" by Kelly Clarkson

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